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Our piano program is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in sight reading, ear training, music theory, technical proficiency, and performance abilities.Students learn many styles and genres, using a variety of method book material, and curriculum from the Royal Conservatory syllabus.


Our guitar program is quite diverse. We teach a broad range of styles including rock, pop, metal, blues, jazz, classical and folk. We develop individualized lesson plans to help all students reach their musical goals, whether the student wants to learn music and fret board theory, learn to read music and tablature, or simply learn to strum chords to his/her favourite songs.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar program at the London Music Conservatory runs very much like our guitar program. Bass lessons can cover a broad array of styles, including rock, pop, metal, blues and jazz.


Our voice lessons are designed to provide students with proper and healthy vocal technique, strong vocal ability, and skills in sight reading, ear training, and music theory. Students are taught the curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as supplemental material of interest, including pop, rock, jazz, blues, and Broadway.


Our violin program is a music reading-based approach to learning the instrument. Students are taught music theory, as well as technique, to read and perform written music from method books, and the Royal Conservatory curriculum.


Drum lessons at the London Music Conservatory provide students with knowledge of many different styles, including rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues and Latin music. Students are taught drum set rudiments and exercises as well as drum theory and notation. Students are always encouraged to bring in material that they are interested in learning.

Theory and History

Students are taught in small group classes or privately, and learn material necessary to successfully complete examinations by the Royal Conservatory of Music. Our experienced teachers and the group class environment make learning music theory fun!


The London Music Conservatory offers instruction for flute, clarinet, and saxophone. We teach many styles of music from method books, including folk, classical, jazz and blues. Students can augment their elementary or high school music studies, prepare for university auditions, and perform Royal Conservatory examinations.


The London Music Conservatory offers lessons on electric organ (with upper and lower keyboard manuals, and one octave foot pedalboard). Students learn from method book material, and can also incorporate any music of interest, including wedding music, and hymns.

Rock Band

This is an exciting and unique program offered by the London Music Conservatory! Students of all ages and levels, who are currently studying any instrument (with us or elsewhere), can join our rock band program. Taught in a fun group environment, students learn rock songs while improving their rhythm and developing their musical ear. The students learn some rock history, about song structures and arrangements, and how to properly use and care for band equipment. Each rock band session ends with performance opportunities at a recital, our rock band showcase or a band competition.


This is a fun program for beginning and experienced singers alike! The London Music Conservatory Chorus is open to music students and community members of all ages who love to sing. During each session, members learn a variety of music and perform at local concerts, competitions and events.