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A Word About Exams...

The London Music Conservatory offers graded courses of study on all of the instruments that we teach, from preliminary to the Associate levels. Our programs offer to students of all ages, progressive graded curriculums through carefully sequenced presentations of new technical concepts and enjoyable musical selections of many traditional, classical, and contemporary styles. Our course materials contain an abundance of reinforcement and review, and never move too quickly from one concept to another, making it easy for any student to learn the instrument, and see progress and results almost instantly.

Once the requirements for a grade level have been solidly learned, most students complete an examination by an independent examiner for a nominal fee. Grade diplomas are issued upon successful completion of each examination. We strongly recommend that students be encouraged to take regular exams, as exams are essential to the development of music skills. At lower grade levels, exams are an excellent benchmark of progress; exams provide performing experience, an incentive to improve, and give the student a very real sense of achievement. At advanced grade levels, exams are necessary for achieving high school credits, post-secondary school eligibility, and music teaching qualifications.

Many London Music Conservatory students have successfully completed the advanced Royal Conservatory exams to gain school credits, and have continued on to attend music programs at colleges and universities